Mfg.: GMT & PARAG Brand Lathe Machine in All Series & Capstan Lathe Machine

Capstan Lathe

Specification & Accessories
Machine Model No. GI-32 GI-38
Width of Bed 151mm 151mm
Center of Height 143mm 143mm
Swing over bed 286mm 286mm
Swing over Cross Slide ø 145mm ø 145mm
Spindle Nose 10TPI Threaded Nose 10TPI Threaded Nose
Spindle Bore Dia. 34mm 40mm
Collet Capacity 32mm 38mm
Spindle Speeds No. (Forward Reverse) 12 12
Range of Speeds 300-1400 rpm 300-1400 rpm
Cross Slide Tools to use 3/8 x 3/8 3/8 x 3/8
Cross Slide Travel 150mm  150mm 
Turrer Slide Travel 125mm  125mm 
Bore of Turret Hex 25.4mm  25.4mm 
Average Working Distance Between Spindle & Turret Carriage 250mm  250mm 
Power required 2 H.P. Two Speed   2 H.P. Two Speed  
Gross Weight Approx 750 Kgs.   775 Kgs.  
Floor Space Requied without Bar Feed Device 1050mmx450mm  1050mmx450mm 

2 H.P. Two speed Ele. Motor.
Penal Board with Relay, Contector, Push Button, S/F Switch, R/F Switch.
Coolant Pump with Flexible Pipe.
Bar feed Attachment.
Vertical Slide.
One Nos. Stoper Holder.
One Nos Turning Holder.
One Nos. Blank Holder.
One Nos. Drill Holder.
One Nos. Collet.
Spanner for Spindle Nut.
Turret Stoper Bolt Key.