Mfg.: GMT & PARAG Brand Lathe Machine in All Series & Capstan Lathe Machine

Extra Heavy Lathe

Extra Heavy Lathe

Bed : Bed & all Casting Parts are manufactured in our Foundry. The Bed is made from A graded Casting 2V & 2 Flat type. Hardened & Ground Bed ways.

Head Stock : Head Stock Body is of latest specially design induction hardened & Ground spindle of special alloy steel. All centrifugal running parts are well balanced.

Apron & Norton : A four walled closed type with oil bath apron & norton having a best quality gears. Sliding & Surfacing feeds can be engaged by tightening a star knobs & engaging lever at appropriate position.

Tail Stock : Hexagonal shapped body. Tail Stock spindle having external & internal grinding with MT-4 Internal Tapper is provided. It can be off set for tapper turning.