Find the Difference Between Bandsaw and Hacksaw

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We will try to explain in the easiest way possible, So, to understand the basic difference between Bandsaw and Hacksaw, first, we will understand both the machines in detail.

Metal Cutting Hacksaw:- 

Hacksaw machines are primitive in technology, Power hacksaws are used to cut large sizes (sections) of metals such as steel. Cutting diameters of more than 10/15mm is very hard work with a normal handheld hacksaw. Therefore power hacksaws have been refined to carry out the hardest and time-consuming work.

The heavy ‘arm’ moves backward and forwards, cutting on the backward stroke.

Below given a schematic Representation of Hacksaw Cutting Machines.

Hacksaw machines are Basically of Three types,

  1. Manual Hacksaw
  2. Semi Hydraulic hacksaw
  3. Fully hydraulic hacksaw


Metal Cutting Bandsaw:-

The name suggests Bandsaw machine is a cutting machine where the blade is fed continually to Cutting Workpiece, blade revolves around two-wheel arms and it cuts on a perpendicular plane. The bandsaw blade is helped and supported by a drive wheel and an idler wheel. Because every tooth is a precision cutting tool, correctness can be held to near tolerances. This eliminates or minimizes many secondary machining operations. In addition, chip removal is very fast. When the bandsaw is turned on, the operator raises the saw and makes the blade descend on the clamped material, cutting it as the band blade moves. After the cutting is finished, the bandsaw switches off by default.


Types of Bandsaw,

  1. Horizontal Bandsaw
  2. Vertical Bandsaw

Similarities & Differences between Bandsaw And Hacksaw:-


Bandsaw MachinesHacksaw machines
High Cutting CapacityLess Cutting Capacity
Can Do Bundle CuttingBundle Cutting Not Possible
High in Cost Compared to hacksawLess in cost Compared to Bandsaw
Chip removal Brush to clean BladesChip removal Blades not Present.
Speed Change option availableConstant speed
Swing cutting Option AvailableAlways do swing cutting.
Uses a round circular blade.Uses square teeth straight Blade.