You can choose lathe machines as per your job and operation requirements

How to Choose a Lathe Machine?

First of all, you should match specifications of both, lathe machine which you are going to purchase and your job you want to do on the machine.

Bed Length

(A.B.C – Admit Between Center)

You can either select bed length as per our standard or you can select the size by calculating center to center distance (work piece length)

Center Height

Center height of your lathe machine must be match with O.D. of your job. Swing over bed and swing over cross slide should be selected as per your job.

Spindle Bore

Spindle bore should be selected such that your job O.D. may pass through ( If needed).

Width of Bed

More Width of bed gives more rigidity and sturdiness to the lathe machine. In heavy work it is necessary.


There are two types of drives.

1- Belt driven lathe Machine

2- Gear head Driven lathe machine.

– In belt driven there are two options, V-belt driven & Flat belt driven. V belt is more steady and long life compared to flat belt but in some areas of India flat belt is used with brass-bushing.

– In Geared Head Lathe Machine, It gives more power to turn as well as it is suited for more speed and feed which increases productivity and helps in low electricity consumption.