Lathe Introduction and definition

Generally, the lathe is a machine or tool. Which gives shapes to metal workpiece according to the customization. This process will depend on performing metal operations. Along with the axis of rotation in terms of drilling, deformation, facing, sanding, knurling, facing, cutting of workpiece. And produce the exact symmetry to the object. 

Lathe machine parts 

  • Headstock

lathe machine headstock is generally situated on the left side lathe, end of the bed which works as a bearing component. It offers the ability to the lathe’s processing operations along with gears, gear speed control levers, chucks, spindles, and feed controllers.

  • Tailstock

As per the name, the lathe tailstock is located on the right-side end of the lathe or opposite the headstock. It’s used for various tasks such as supporting workpiece at the end of the lathe.

  • Bed

lathe bed is the wide horizontal base, called the platform which supports main lathe parts such as headstock, tailstock, carriage rails.

  • Carriage

Lathes Carriage is found between the headstock & tailstock. The carriage is navigating or positioning the tool along with the workpiece.

  • Lead Screw

The lead screw is used to shift the carriage automatically during the threading process of spindle rotation time. 

  • Feed Rod

It is used to switch the carriage from linear shifting left to right and conversely for thread cutting

  • Chip Pan

lathe chip pan used to gather all chips during lathe operation.

  • Hand Wheel /Saddle

lathe Handwheel that is operated by top to a cross slide movement

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Types of lathe 

Center lathe or engine lathe machine:

Currently, an engine lathe is used in the majority. It is working operations such as grooving, knurling, and threading feed component of the engine lathe can work the cutting instrument in both longitudinal and sidelong ways. The centre machine can separate into belt drive, engine drive, and reducer relying upon the drive source.

Speed lathe machine:

Speed lathe machine is also known as wood lathe as has all main parts such as bed, headstock, tailstock, and tool. but this kind of lathe is without a feed box lead screw. in this, the tool is managed on the adjustable slide which is controlled by human hand control. The approximate speed of the speed lathe is 1200 to 3600 rpm. This lathe’s features apply to various operations and procs of the rotation, centring, polishing, and machining of wood.

Capstan and turret lathe machine:

Capstan and turret lathe is the huge production advancement of engine lathe with a hexagonal head. That is used to rotate to the process of turning, boring, reaming. It considers a large floor space than other lathe types.

Toolroom lathe machine:

The tool room lathe is the same as the engine lathe but in terms of speed, which has a high range of speed 2500rpm assembled with a chuck, collect attachment, taper turning attachment, etc. Also, its parts are manufactured with extreme precision for grinding machining.

Bench lathe machine:

The bench small metal lathe has small in size so it is used for small precision work with the same parts of the engine lathe. It performs all the operations of the engine lathe.

Automatic lathe machine:

According to the name, it will be done to work automatically in bulk production. This lathe will automatically switch the tool without any kind of manual change. The machine operator can manage many lathes at the same time is the main benefit. The operator only specified the tool work then it will perform the task automatically.

Special lathe machine:

A special lathe is used for a special operation. Which contains the task of drilling, grinding, reaming, boring, etc. It covers the heavy-duty production of similar parts. 

CNC lathe machine:

 When the program is a contribution to steps, large-scale manufacturing can perform with high exactness and rapid, and once the activity code is set, it very well may create without reemerging the following time. CNC machine covers the processing activity of the machine device through a PC program. CNC machines, the most developed sorts of machines accessible today, and the resistances of the parts they produce are amazingly exact.

Working principle of the lathe machine

The main lathe working principle is a workpiece rotation as per the axis of the workpiece for a specific shape. The cutting tools unbendingly hold and uphold in a device post which is taken care of against the rotating work. The ordinary cutting tasks are performed with the cutting device took care of one or the other equal or at right points to the pivot of the work.

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lathe machine price

1.Speed lathe: 7,294.95- 29,163.00

2.Bench lathe: 7,294.95- 29,163.00

3 Engine lathe : 2,91,622.00-4,37,433.00

4.Tool Room Lathe :2,91,642.00-14,58,210.00

5. Capstan Lathe: You can deal with a less expensive one under 4,37,463.00

6. CNC lathe : $10,000

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