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Bandsaw Machine

Salient Features

  • Bandsaw machine gives Higher Cutting Productivity compared to Metal Cutting hacksaws.
  • Specially Designed Hydraulic Feed Jumper System For Continuous Cutting.
  • Chip Removal tray and Coolant Provided With all models.
  • Guide with Roller Bearing Support.
  • less Cutting Wastage.
  • Chip Removal Wire Brush.
  • Swing Cutting Option Available For Heavy Cutting.
ModelUnitRegular - 175Fast Cut - 200Fast Cut - 250Fast Cut - 300Fast Cut - 350Fast Cut - 400
Squaremm150 x 150150 x 150200 x 200250 x 250300 x 300350 x 350
Drive MotorHP / RPM0.5 / 14401 / 14401 / 14402 / 10002 / 10003 / 1000
Coolant pumpHP / Volts0.15 / 4400.15 / 4400.15 / 4400.15 / 4400.15 / 4400.15 / 440
Blade SpeedMeter / Minute25 / 30 / 4020 / 35 / 55 / 7520 / 35 / 55 / 7520 / 35 / 55 / 7520 / 35 / 55 / 7520 / 35 / 55 / 75
Bandsaw Blademm2515 x 20 x 0.93000 x 27 x 0.93300 x 27 x 0.93760 x 27 x 0.94100 x 27 x 0.94420 x 34 x 1.1
Guide Pulley Diametermm340410425496496550
Floor Space (L x B x H)mm1500 x 570 x 8701630 x 580 x 8952000 x 600 x 9002400 x 830 x 10502550 x 830 x 10502650 x 830 x 1200
Net Weightkg272322400761821900
Packed Weightkg381 approx.431 approx.600 approx.831 approx.890 approx.950 approx.

Standard Accessories

  • Complete with electricals and internal Wiring
  • Coolant Pump
  • On – OFF switch
  • Job Stopper
  • One Carbon Blade

Our Fast Cut Series of Bandsaw are widely used In almost all Engineering Industry where there is High Cutting required.

Other than that major industries are :

  • Tool Rooms
  • Educational Institutes
  • Workshops
  • Rolling Mills etc.
  • Steel factories.

Band Saw Machine FAQS

What is the main aim of the band saw?

The main role of a bandsaw is to cut. In the same way as other different saws, it is utilized by laborers to cut through project pieces rapidly and successfully. The uniformly conveyed teeth on the cutting edge permit them to give you a fine cut, paying little heed to the material.

Are band saws harmful?

The band saw is broadly viewed as among the most secure of all carpentry hardware. Nonetheless, it is as yet a perilous woodworking instrument, one that can cause impressive injury whenever utilized inappropriately.

What is the best band saw to buy?

Ganesh Machine Tools offers the best band saw machines.

Is a band saw worth it?

That being said, a quality band saw will do significantly something other than cut bends. They are incredible for cutting joins and some more modest rabbets, for tearing little bits of stock, and for resawing slight strips from bigger parts of the wood.

How would you utilize a band saw securely?

What security methods would it be advisable for you to follow when utilizing a band saw?

Wear wellbeing glasses or goggles, or a face safeguard (with security glasses or goggles).

Wear hearing insurance that is appropriate for the level and recurrence of the commotion you are presented to in the carpentry region.

Wear defensive footwear when required.

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