Angular Cutting Bandsaw BS – 1018 B

Salient Features:

₹ 2,10,000

  • Bandsaw machine gives Higher Cutting Productivity compared to Metal Cutting hacksaws.
  • Specially Designed Hydraulic Feed Jumper System For Continuous Cutting.
  • Chip Removal tray and Coolant Provided With all models.
  • Guide with Roller Bearing Support.
  • less Cutting Wastage.
  • Chip Removal Wire Brush.
  • Degree Vice provides Perfect angle cutting.
  • Degree Marking scale to Match angles.
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Technical Specifications Accessories Applications Videos
MODEL BS-712N BS-912B BS-912B
Circular@90° 178mm(7") 229mm(9") 254mm(10")
Rectangular@90° 178x305mm(7"x12") 178x305mm(7"x12") 127x457mm(5"x18")
Circular@45° 127mm(5") 150mm(6") 150mm(6")
Rectangular@45° 120x125mm(4.75"x4.88") 127x150mm(5"x6") 150x190mm(6"x7.5")
Blade size 19x0.9x2362mm 27x0.9x2655 mm 27x0.9x3280mm
Blade Speed 22,34,49,64 MPM 26,50,73,95 MPM 29,50,73,95 MPM
Drive type V-Belt V-Belt V-Belt
Motor power 1 HP (3PH) 1.5HP(3PH) 2HP(3PH)

Standard Accessories

  • Complete with electricals and internal Wiring
  • Coolant Pump
  • On – OFF switch
  • Job Stopper
  • One Carbon Blade
  • castor wheels for machine movement 

Extra Accessories

  • Extra Bar Stand For Long Rods.
  • Extra Bi-Metal Blades 
  • Extra Coolant Attachments.


Our Angular Cutting Bandsaw are widely used In almost all Engineering Industry where there is High Cutting required,

This machines are used in site Fabrication where there is excessive Angular Cutting Required.

Other than that major industries are :

  • Tool Rooms
  • Educational Institutes
  • Workshops
  • Rolling Mills etc.
  • Steel factories.
  • Apart from That this are widely used For Small & Medium Industries For all Kind of Cutting Needs