A slotting machine is a machine which is used for making Internal keyways and slots in Work Piece. 

The main purpose of Slotting is to shape and cut hard materials like metal and wood. These are generally used in heavy industries like electrical, construction, furniture, automotive etc. These are considered as heavy duty robust machines specially designed for quick and accurate metal productions.

 They are quite economical at the rates of high production because of consistency and longer functional life. Slotters are used where there is high production of keyways required, They are extensively used in the repair shops, tool rooms, textile factories, ship building, power plants, paper mills and steel-rolling mills. It is also known as vertical shaper consisting of base, column and table, ram and tool head assembly, saddle and cross slide, rams drive mechanism and feed mechanism.  



The main application of slotting machine is to cut keyways, slots, metal sheets, grooves of various shapes and forming regular or irregular shapes used in many manufacturing units. It can be used in any workshop where vertical tool movement is necessary and required to manufacture different metal objects.

Internal Machining of blind holes, slotter machines required for machining in internal surfaces such as splines, keyways,various slots and grooves and teeths. Machining of die, punches, straight and curved slots, cutting of teeth on ratchet or gear rings which require primarily rotary feed.


How Does a Slotting Machine Work?

It can take up all the cutting forces because its base is rigidly built. The vertical column has a front face and has guide ways in the reciprocating ram. That reciprocating ram supports the tool head to which the tool is attached. The material is mounted on the table which can be given horizontal and vertical rotary feed motion.


How to Select a Slotting Machine?

If you wish to buy Slotting machines, You have two consider two major aspects which are denoted as following.

Point A : As shown in image (A) DENOTES AS JOB DIAMETER ,it shows total diameter which can be clamped in slotting machine. 

Point B : As shown in image (B) denotes as stroke length. The stroke length is equal to the height of your job which can be done in slotting machine 


Specification of A Good Slotting Machine:-

  • High grade casting iron for proving the best resistance to wear and tear.
  • Alignment Of Ram with Body.
  • Adjustable stroke is the one feature which should be present in every slotting machine.
  • Having a single lever control facility for adjusting the speed while operation.
  • Equipped with HELICAL gears & GUN METAL BUSHINGS. 
  • Proper oil cups for lubrication.
  • Rotary Table ( If Required by Customer)



Slotting Machine is similar to say about Vertical Axis Shaper Machine.

The Main Difference between a shaper and a slotter machine is the direction of the cutting movement, in slotter machine tool is moving into vertical direction while in shaper machine tool moves in horizontal direction.

Slotters are majorly used for internal keyways and shapers are used for External Cuts and finsihings.