Bandsaw Machine

Salient Features:

₹ 72,000 – 4,22,5000

  • Bandsaw machine gives Higher Cutting Productivity compared to Metal Cutting hacksaws.
  • Specially Designed Hydraulic Feed Jumper System For Continuous Cutting.
  • Chip Removal tray and Coolant Provided With all models.
  • Guide with Roller Bearing Support.
  • less Cutting Wastage.
  • Chip Removal Wire Brush.
  • Swing Cutting Option Available For Heavy Cutting.
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Technical Specifications Accessories Applications Videos


MODELUnitRegular-175Fast Cut-200Fast Cut-250Fast Cut-300Fast Cut-350Fast Cut-400
Squaremm150 x 150150 x 150200 x 200250 x 250300 x 300350 x 350
Drive MotorHP / RPM0.5 / 14401 / 14401 / 14402 / 10002 / 10003 / 1000
Coolant pumpHP / Volts0.15 / 4400.15 / 4400.15 / 4400.15 / 4400.15 / 4400.15 / 440
Blade SpeedMeter / Minute25 / 30 / 4020 / 35 / 55 / 7520 / 35 / 55 / 7520 / 35 / 55 / 7520 / 35 / 55 / 7520 / 35 / 55 / 75
Bandsaw Blademm2515 x 20 x 0.93000 x 27 x 0.93300 x 27 x 0.93760 x 27 x 0.94100 x 27 x 0.94420 x 34 x 1.1
Guide Pulley Diametermm340410425496496550
Floor Space (L x B x H)mm1500 x 570 x 8701630 x 580 x 8952000 x 600 x 9002400 x 830 x 10502550 x 830 x 10502650 x 830 x 1200
Net Weightkg272322400761821900
Packed Weightkg381 approx.431 approx.600 approx.831 approx.890 approx.950 approx.

Standard Accessories

  • Complete with electricals and internal Wiring
  • Coolant Pump
  • On – OFF switch
  • Job Stopper
  • One Carbon Blade

Extra Accessories

  • Extra Bar Stand For Long Rods.
  • Extra Bi-Metal Blades 
  • Extra Coolant Attachments.
  Our Fast Cut Series of Bandsaw are widely used In almost all Engineering Industry where there is High Cutting required. Other than that major industries are :
  • Tool Rooms
  • Educational Institutes
  • Workshops
  • Rolling Mills etc.
  • Steel factories.
  • Apart from That this are widely used For Small & Medium Industries For all Kind of Turning Needs
Technical Specifications Accessories Applications Videos FAQ Download Catalogue
Length of Bed 4’6″ (1370mm) 6′ (1825mm)
Width of Bed 279mm 279mm
Length of Gap 115mm 115mm
Length of Gap in Front of Face Plate 130mm 130mm
Admit Between Center 18″ (457mm) 36″(915mm)
Floor Space (mm) 1550 x 900 2000 x 900
Approx Case Dimension (mm) (L x W x H) 1650 x 1000 x 1330 2100 x 1000 x 1330
Height of Center 226mm
Swing over Bed 432mm
Swing over Cross Slide 280mm
Swing in Gap 660mm
Movement of Cross Slide 275mm
Movement of Coumpound Slide 145mm
No. of Inch Thread (British) 44
Range of Inch Thread (British) 2 TPI to 60 TPI
No. of Metric Thread 24
Range of Metric Thread 0.5mm to 15mm Pitch
Lead Screw Dia/Pitch 1.25″(31.75mm) 4 TPI
Range of Longitudinal Feeds 0.066 to 2mm/Rev. of Spindle
Range of Transverse Feeds 0.0165 to 0.50mm/Rev. of Spindle
Type of SpindleA2-5/A2-6/Threaded
Spindle Bore52mm
Spindle Morse TaperMT-6
Spindle Adapter Morse TaperMT-4
No. of Spindle Speed8
Spindle Speed Range40 to 1200 RPM


Morse TapperMT-4


2 HP/1.1 KW
Induction Hardened bed ways Face plate
Chuck plate 1 nos Carrier plate
Center adapter Steady rest
Dead centers 2 nos Follow rest
Tool Post Spanner True Chuck, Dog Chuck
Motor Pulley Rear splash guard
Thread dial indicator Quick change tool post
Chabge gear set (For metric and inch both) Motorized apron
Norton Gear Box Single Screw/Double Shaft Power brake
Taper turning attachment
Motorized coolant pump with tank and fittings
Rear Toolpost
Electrical (Motor, Switch, Wiring, V-belts and fittings)


Why Medium Duty All geared is Best Tool Room Machine?

Our All Geared Medium Duty Lathe Machines are extensively used in various fields like automobiles/ Rubber Roller / Sugar mill / Paper mill / heavy engineering and over & above all general engineering maintenance workshops.

Having various Speed Options and Proper torque you can Use this machine efficiently From normal turning to Medium Heavy applications.

this machine is more balanced Compared to light Duty All geared and Due to more enter height you use it easily for making Dies.


A:- We Generally Suggest Medium Duty All Geared Lathe Machine To our Industrial Buyers As This machine is specially Designed For ALL YOUR TOOLROOM Application Works.
A:- This is suitable for industry such as submersible motor workshops, Repairing workshops, textile industry , small components industry, for automobile industry, for small manufacturing units till 1 meter job length size or below.
A:- We regularly Export to Other countries and in Many countries you can get Ready Reference Of buyers as well.
A:- We Generally suggest all the Standard accessories Like Chuck, Motor, Coolant and Machine Lamp but there are many other accessories that can be bought which are listed as follows.

Face Plate , Carrier plate, Steady Rest, Follow Rest, Rear Splash Guard, Power Brake ,

Electric Panel, Rear tool Post etc.
A:- yes, A complete one year piece to piece spares support ( if not met with machine accident) is covered in machine purchase

For out of India clients courier charges would be extra at actual.
A:- We generally provide Manual and oil charts and daily indication points for machine maintenance